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You may not believe it, but gardening can be an interesting journey. No, it's real. Really, it is. I could inform you the craziest stories concerning things that have occurred to me in my garden. From animals big to little, something amusing takes place each year!

I enjoy the preference of fresh food picked directly from the yard. Therefore do the creatures in my garden. Sometimes I think all my effort is just for them. I bear in mind once when my little apple tree finally expanded an apple. "Tomorrow," I thought to myself. "Tomorrow I will pick the very first and also only apple that has expanded on my apple tree then I will certainly consume it." Just I never got to select my apple. A squirrel obtained to it. Which I may not have minded a lot, except that he only took 2 or 3 attacks, determined he really did not like the apple as well as threw it away. I was practically tempted to consume the apple anyways, however I wasn't fairly certain if that would certainly be a great idea.

Afterward, when I was a little lady, my father had this very little crab apple tree. One autumn, the tree had lots of crab apples and also my daddy promised that we would certainly select the crab apples when they were all set in a pair of days. The next day I went out to the garden to look at this remarkable crab apple tree. Much to my discouragement, among the branches had actually been broken short as well as all the crab apples on the branch were gone! During the evening a bear had actually occurred and also eaten every one of the crab apples. No crab apple jelly for me. At least the bear really did not go starving!

Years ago, there was this beaver that would show up from the stream and also into our backyard, simply to consume the dandelions expanding in the yard. He really did not intend to relocate whatever we were doing or exactly how close we involved him. I have a number of images of the beaver consuming the dandelions. He best rated garden hose never also appeared to see that I was standing appropriate following to him in order to obtain a picture close up. Afterward I was cutting the yard with a riding mower and he really did not move in any way, also when I came close to him. I finally needed to leave that patch of grass and also reduce it the next day. I sure do miss out on that beaver!